2020 Kia Soul EV | Compact Electric Crossover | Kia's Electric Compact SUV

Sustainably fun

Take zero emissions for a spin.

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*Eligible for up to $5,000 Federal Rebate

*Eligible for up to $5,000 Federal Rebate and
up to $8,000 Provincial Rebate

*Eligible for up to $5,000 Federal Rebate,
up to $3,000 Provincial Rebate and/or
up to $6,000 SCRAP-IT

2020 Kia Soul EV

Space Green

EV Limited shown

2020 World Urban Car

2020 Kia Telluride


  • Look on the bright side

    Kia Soul EV

    LED Headlights

    Soul EV’s LED headlights allow you to stylishly light your way.

  • Leave with flash

    Kia Soul EV

    Rear Design

    The Soul EV is no stranger to sportiness. With a strong, attention-grabbing rear design, stunning LED light bar taillights and no exhaust pipe, the Soul EV is just as good looking as it is for the environment.

  • Spin in style

    Kia Soul EV

    17” alloy wheels

    The eye-catching 17” alloy wheels make the Soul EV stand out, from the ground up.

  • Lead from the front

    Kia Soul EV

    Grille with charging plugs

    The sleekly designed front bumper hides two charging ports, including the 480V fast charge port.

Kia Soul EV


  • Shift-by-wire

    Kia Soul EV - Shift-by-wire

    Inventive shift-by-wire technology uses electric controls to connect the shifter and transmission, allowing effortless shifting, and removing the possibility of mechanical wear and tear.

  • 10.25" Multimedia Interface

    Kia Soul EV - 10.25inch Multimedia Interface

    From hands-free navigation to mobile phone interactivity, the huge multimedia interface in the Soul EV keeps you connected wherever you go.3

  • Sunroof

    Kia Soul EV - Sunroof

    Everyone can soak up the sun or enjoy those starry nights with the available sunroof that spans from the front to the rear seat. You can let some fresh air in by opening the large front portion, or cool off by closing the included powered sunshade.

  • Climate

    Kia Soul EV - Climate

    Be comfortable year-round. The Soul EV standard heated front seats, automatic climate control, heated steering wheel, available air-cooled front seats, and heated rear seats. Stay warm or cool on your terms.

  • Wireless phone charger

    Kia Soul EV - Wireless phone charger

    Always arrive with a fully charged phone and eliminate the cord clutter.2

  • Available sound-reactive mood lights

    Kia Soul EV - Sound-reactive mood lights

    Treat your passengers to a colourful lightshow that syncs to your driving music.

2020 Kia Soul EV


Kia Soul EV

Battery Placement

Fully charged, the battery of Soul EV Limited provides an estimated range of up to 383 km. Plus, its flat design and location beneath the floor means it takes up less room in the cabin — giving you loads of extra space for wherever the road takes you.

Kia Soul EV

Quiet Performance

The Soul EV’s electric motor offers up to 201 horsepower and its unique, multi-layer magnet design provides quiet, smooth-power performance. Its lightweight design helps deliver swift acceleration for an exciting and efficient drive.

Kia Soul EV

No Gears, All Go

The electric motor in the Soul EV provides instant torque of 291 lb-ft for off-the-line acceleration, delivering immediately responsive, get-up-and-go power.

Kia Soul EV

Regenerative Braking

Efficient and aerodynamic wheels are only the beginning. The Soul EV features a regenerative braking system that captures a bit of energy every time you brake or coast. Your battery will thank you.

Feature Highlights

  • UVO IntelligenceTM

    UVO IntelligenceTM

    Make everything from getting there to maintaining your Soul EV simpler with the connective services.4

  • Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™

    Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™

    The standard Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ systems connect your vehicle with your compatible smartphone, allowing you to play your music, navigate traffic, check your messages and access your favourite apps all with the sound of your voice.6,7

  • Heads-up display

    Heads-up display

    Soul EV's heads-up display lets you keep your eyes on the road by subtly projecting key driving information onto a secondary screen above steering wheel.

  • Advanced Smart Cruise Control

    Advanced Smart Cruise Control

    Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you in unpredictable highway driving conditions.1

  • Lane Keep Assist System

    Lane Keep Assist System

    Highway driving can be tedious. The Lane Keep Assist System helps you stay safe, by keeping you in your lane during momentary lapses in concentration.1

  • Advanced Forward Collision Avoidance Assist

    Advanced Forward Collision Avoidance Assist

    Avoid potentially damaging frontal collisions with this system that detects vehicles slowing down in front of you.1


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