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Advanced Connected Car Services

  • Kia Connect

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    Kia Connect

    A world of support services that enhance your security, comfort and confidence - every time you get behind the wheel.

    Free for the first three years. Available feature.

  • Getting Started

    Through the smartphone app, Kia Connect provides access to the latest connected car services technology. Enrollment is easy and the service is free for the first three years!

    • Kia Connect

      Enroll on the app

      Download the mobile app for full enrollment from the Google Play Store3, the App Store2, or BlackBerry App World4. Click on ‘New User’ and follow the simple instructions to enroll.

    • Kia Connect

      Enroll on the website

      Visit for full enrollment online. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the simple instructions to enroll.

Kia Connect Innovations

  • Kia Connect

    Remote services

    • Remote Start/Stop with Climate Control

    • Start your Kia remotely right from your smartphone. You can set the remote start’s engine running time, and even set the cabin temperature before you get in your Kia.

    • Remote Door Lock/Unlock

    • Lock or unlock your car remotely beyond the range of your key fob, for even greater convenience and peace of mind.

    • Remote Horn/Lights

    • Trigger horn and lights remotely to identify your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

    • Remote Vehicle Status Check

    • The smartphone app enables you to check the status of your vehicle remotely – everything from fuel level and climate control options to doors lock/unlock and engine on/off.

    • Find My Car

    • Find the current location of your vehicle right from your smartphone.

  • Kia Connect

    Safety and security

    • Bio metric or Face ID login

    • You can now enter the Kia Connect app with just your fingerprint, or with no hands at all. The Bio-metric touch or Face ID login will make entering the app easier than ever.

    • Enhanced Roadside Assistance

    • With a simple tap – Kia’s roadside assistance service is here to help in the unlikely event of a vehicle problem or roadside emergency.

    • S.O.S. Emergency Assistance

    • Touch the S.O.S. button to connect directly to an emergency response specialist – 24/7, 365 days a year. Once connected, Kia Connect automatically communicates your vehicle’s exact location and status to the emergency response team.

  • Kia Connect

    Vehicle health

    • Fuel or km to empty

    • Your vehicle status screen will now display both your fuel level % and your remaining kilometer range so that you are always aware.

    • Maintenance Alert

    • Kia Connect automatically sends a service alert to your smartphone when your vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance service is due. You can also use the app to locate your nearest authorized Kia dealer.

    • Monthly Vehicle Health Report

    • You can easily keep track of your vehicle’s health with a handy monthly report card delivered directly to your smartphone or email, indicating the status of your vehicle’s different mechanical systems.

    • On-Demand Diagnostics

    • Run on-demand diagnostics to determine if your vehicle requires immediate attention from your dealer.

    • Driving Information

    • Learn more about your driving patterns with active monitoring and tracking of your average speed, acceleration, deceleration, trip duration and idle time, helping you to plan your route better and maximize fuel economy.

  • Kia Connect

    Location services

    • Destination Search5

    • Use your voice to find an address, or points of interest by category, quickly and easily from your driver’s seat, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

  • Green vehicle

    • Notification of charge completion

    • If you drive an EV or PHEV vehicle, Kia Connect will now notify you of a completed charge 15 minutes prior so that you can be prepared.

    • Remote Charging Control

    • Displays information regarding the vehicle’s current charge, plug status, charge time and range. If the vehicle is not currently charging, this feature will display option to start the charge and vice-versa.

    • Target State of Charge

    • Allows to assign charge level settings as desired for DC (fast charge) and AC plug types.

    • Intelligent Charge

    • If Intelligent Charge is turned on, the vehicle will calculate the charging start time based on maximizing the charged time during the off-peak hours and the departure time to charge the battery to 100%. If this function is turned off, the vehicle will start charging immediately when it is plugged in.

    • Charging station Locator

    • A map displays the current location of the user, the vehicle, and any charging stations nearby. The address search bar allows the user to start a search for charging stations.

Frequently asked questions

    • What is Kia Connect?

    • Kia Connect is a dynamic and innovative connected car solution that combines safety and remote functionality into a complete package. It helps simplify the life of Kia owners and offers convenience at a push of a button!

    • What Kia vehicles are equipped with Kia Connect?

    • - 2018/2019 Rio EX, EX Sport, EX Tech

      - 2018 Optima EX Tech, SX Turbo, SXL Turbo

      - 2019 Optima EX, EX Tech, SX Turbo, SXL Turbo

      - 2018-2020 Stinger all trim

      - 2019 Sorento LX V6, EX V6, EX Premium, SX, SXL

      - 2019 Sedona SX, SX+, SXL, SXL+

      - 2019 Niro PHEV all trim

      - 2019 Niro EV All Trim

      - 2019 Forte EX Premium and EX Limited

      - 2020 Optima Hybrid LX, EX, EX Premium

      - 2020 Optima PHEV EX, EX Premium

      - 2020 Sorento EX+, SX

      - 2020 Sedona SX, SX Tech

      - 2020 Soul EX Premium, GT-Line Premium, EX Limited, GT-Line Limited, 20th Anniversary Edition

      - 2020 Soul EV all trims

      - 2020 Sportage EX Tech, SX

      - 2020 Telluride EX, SX, SXL

      - 2020 Rio/Rio 5-door EX, EX Sport

      - 2020 Optima EX+

      - 2020 Forte 5 GT, GT Limited

      - 2020 Forte EX Premium, EX Limited, GT

    • When I start my vehicle, I see someone else's name on the screen.

    • The name on your vehicle screen should match the first and last name on the vehicle registration document. If you recently purchased this vehicle from another private party as a used vehicle, please call Kia Connect Customer Care (877) 542-2886 to prove ownership of the vehicle in order to change the Kia Connect subscription to your name. Please ensure you have: first and last name and vehicle registration available during your call.

    • I enrolled for Kia Connect services via but my services are still not working what do I do?

    • The first and last name and the postal code that you used to enroll in Kia Connect services should match the first and last name on the vehicle registration document for your Kia Connect services to successfully work. If you are still facing issues, please call Kia Connect Customer Care (877) 542-2886. To prove ownership of vehicle please ensure you have: first and last name, postal code and vehicle registration available during your call.

    • What features can I use with my Kia Connect mobile app?

    • All Kia Connect equipped vehicles are supported by the Kia Connect mobile app. Once enrolled in all the features, you will be able to utilize remote features like Remote Start, know the exact location of your vehicle on a map, have a comprehensive report on your vehicle's health, locate Kia dealers near you and have additional Kia Connect content at your fingertips.

    • How do I cool or warm my vehicle's interior using Kia Connect?

    • You have the option to preset the cabin temperature and, depending upon vehicle specifications, switch the front, side and back window defroster and heated steering wheel on or off directly from your online web account on or your Kia Connect mobile app. You can also save three different favorite settings and each favorite setting can include your desired cabin temperature and set the front, side and back window defroster and heated steering wheel on or off. The next time you perform a remote start, your vehicle will begin to cool or warm based on your settings.

    • What is Find My Car and how do you use this feature on my mobile app?

    • Find My Car allows you to find your vehicle on a map. To activate Find My Car via the Kia Connect mobile app, click on the Find My Car option on your Kia Connect app Start Page and enter your 4 digit PIN. After entering your pin, Find My Car will automatically locate your vehicle on a map and display the distance from your current location to your vehicle.

    • What is the Kia Connect Monthly Vehicle Report?

    • The Monthly Vehicle Report (MVR) contains a comprehensive, straightforward diagnostic evaluation involving most aspects of your vehicle's performance. It is available for viewing on and will be sent via email after the first ignition cycle on your MVR date. You can change the delivery date of your Monthly Vehicle Report by logging-in to

    • What is Kia Connect Roadside Assistance Service?

    • In an event where you have roadside troubles (like flat tire, engine breakdown, jump start required, etc.), Kia Connect Roadside Assistance helps you connect to a Customer Care agent who assists you and dispatches a roadside assistance team to your vehicle location if required. GPS coordinates for your vehicle will be provided to the Kia Connect Customer Care agent when making a Roadside Assistance call from inside the vehicle using the Roadside Assistance (RSA) button (first button from the left on the rear view mirror).

    • What do the Kia Connect buttons on my car's rearview mirror do?

    • The first button from the left on the rearview mirror is for Road Side Assistance. The center button is used for either Apple Carplay/Google Android Auto or voice-assisted search on Kia Onboard Navigation, depending upon vehicle specifications. The first button from the right on the rearview mirror is the SOS button. Pressing the SOS button connects users with a live agent who can provide emergency assistance.

    • Why does the Remote Start feature not work sometimes?

    • For Remote Start to work successfully, please ensure that all four doors of your car are locked, security system armed, gearshift lever in Park (P) position, it has been less than 4 days since last vehicle ignition off and the vehicle is located in an open area with good cell reception. A full list of preconditions for Remote Start are found in the Kia Connect User's Manual. If you are still facing issues, please call Kia Connect Customer Care (877)542-2886.

    • What do I do if I forget or want to update my PIN?

    • To update your PIN, log-in to, click on Account and then select "PIN Settings". You will need the password that you created for your online account during enrollment to complete the process of updating your PIN. You can also update your PIN via your Kia Connect mobile app by selecting the Settings option and clicking on "Reset PIN" . In the event that you have entered your PIN incorrectly 5 consecutive times, your account would be locked and you will have to enter the username and password that you created during enrollment to reset the PIN.

    • How does Remote Flash Lights work?

    • The Remote Flash Lights feature lets you flash your Kia Connect vehicle's lights. Using the Kia Connect web portal or the mobile app. A PIN is required to command this feature.

    • How does Remote Flash Lights & Sound Horn work?

    • This service activates the vehicle's hazard lights and sounds the car alarm. A password or PIN is required for this feature. Remote Sound Horn may be subject to local noise regulations in the location of your vehicle.

    • How does Remote Start work?

    • Remote Start allows customers to start their remote start equipped vehicle's engine remotely including climate setting (i.e. front defroster, climate temperature, rear defroster, heated steering wheel) from the Kia Connect services Web Portal or Mobile App. The following conditions must be met for a vehicle to be started remotely:

      • Vehicle doors must be closed and locked

      • Hood and trunk must be closed

      • Transmission must be in 'Park'

      • Key fob cannot be in vehicle

      • Brake pedal cannot be depressed

      You are responsible for using Remote Engine Start and Remote Horn features in accordance with any laws, rules or ordinances in effect in your vehicle’s location.

    • Which smartphone do support with my Kia Connect App?

      • Apple iPhone 5S

        iOS 10 (10.1.1)

      • Apple iPhone SE

        iOS 10 (10.2.1)

      • Apple iPhone 6

        iOS 10 (10.2.1)

      • Apple iPhone 6 Plus

        iOS 10 (10.0.2)

      • Apple iPhone 6S

        iOS 10 (10.1.1)

      • Apple iPhone 6S Plus

        iOS 10 (10.2)

      • Apple iPhone 7

        iOS 10 (10.2.1)

      • Apple iPhone 7 Plus

        iOS 11 (11.0)

      • BlackBerry DTEK60

        Android 6.0.1

      • BlackBerry Leap

        BlackBerry® 10.3.2(

      • BlackBerry Priv

        Android 6.0.1

      • BlackBerry Z10

        BlackBerry® 10.3.3(

      • BlackBerry Z30

        BlackBerry® 10.3.2(

      • Google Pixel

        Android 7.1 (Android 7.1.2)

      • Google Pixel XL

        Android 7.1

      • HTC One M8

        Android 6.0

      • LG G3

        Android 4.4.2

      • LG G4

        Android 5.1

      • LG G5

        Android 7.0

      • Motorola Moto G(3rd Gen)

        Android 6.0

      • Motorola Moto G4 Plus

        Android 7.0

      • Motorola Moto Z

        Android 7.0

      • Samsung Galaxy S5

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy S6

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgePlus

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy S7

        Android 7.0

      • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

        Android 6.0.1

      • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

        Android 5.1.1