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2018 Kia Optima HEV and 2018 Kia Optima PHEV

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Kia is committed to providing drivers and passengers with a seamless user experience. Whether it's safety, entertainment, comfort, or convenience, every piece of the advanced technology we put into our vehicles is fine-tuned to enhance the driving experience for you.

  • Smart Cruise Control icon

    Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

    This system takes the convenience of cruise control and marries it with peace of mind. In safe weather conditions, it works by sensing the distance between your Kia and the vehicle in front of you, automatically slowing down and accelerating to maintain a safe distance, even in stop-and-go traffic.1

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  • Heads-Up Display Icon

    Heads-Up Display (HUD)

    The Advanced Heads-Up Display system in your Kia keeps you informed and allows you to keep your eyes forward and on the road. Valuable driving information like vehicle speed, cruise control status and navigation commands may be displayed on your windshield, without interfering with your view of the road ahead.

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  • Smart Key icon

    Smart Key

    Kia’s Smart Key allows you to lock, unlock, open the trunk and even start your vehicle without having to touch your key fob, making everyday tasks even easier.

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  • Push-Button Start icon

    Push-Button Start

    In conjunction with your Smart Key, starting your Kia is as simple as holding down the brake pedal and pressing the start button. When you press the start button without engaging the brake pedal, it launches accessories mode, which allows the radio and other powered functions to operate without the engine running.

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  • Bluetooth icon

    Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone Connectivity

    Many of your phone’s essential functions are available to you, hands-free, thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity. Simply pair your device to your Kia and, with the touch of a button on the steering wheel or a voice command, you can operate your phone while keeping your hands on the wheel.2,6

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  • Smartphone Integration icon

    Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto Smartphone Integration

    Bring smartphone connectivity to a whole new level with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto. This means amazing features like voice-activated music control, navigation and text messages allow you stay connected while you keep your hands on the wheel and attention on the road.2,7,8

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  • Wireless Phone Charger icon

    Wireless Phone Charger

    Place your mobile device on the wireless charging tray in the centre of your Kia’s console and recharge your battery. The charger is compatible with the universal Qi standard, which means it works with compatible iPhone and Android devices, as well as older models with a compatible wireless charging case.2

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  • Multimedia Interface icon

    Multimedia Interface with Integrated Navigation

    This feature combines dynamic display with touch-screen activity and speech recognition technology, giving you precise control over multiple systems and functions – like setting the destination for your next journey with navigation, or choosing the song you want to hear next on your playlist.3

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  • UVO Intelligence icon

    UVO Intelligence Connected Car Services

    Connect to a world of support services that enhance your comfort, security and confidence every time you get behind the wheel of your Kia. From services that allow you to not only start your vehicle remotely, but also set the desired cabin temperature, to a wealth of diagnostics features, UVO Intelligence™ makes everything from driving to maintaining your vehicle smarter and simpler. Learn more here.2,4

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  • Harman Kardon logo icon

    Harman Kardon® Premium Audio

    We’ve partnered with one of the biggest names in audio equipment, Harman Kardon®, to fine-tune your Kia’s audio system to perfectly suit cabin size, materials and seating configurations to achieve optimum sound. So whatever you’re listening to on the road, you’ll hear a difference.9

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  • Air-Cooled Seats icon

    Air-Cooled Seats

    This system passes cold air from the seat bottom and lower back out through the perforated leather when the system is engaged. This ensures an even, comfortable temperature no matter what the conditions are outside.

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  • Supervision Cluster icon

    Supervision Instrument Cluster

    This digital instrument cluster allows you to manage vehicle settings and display vital vehicle information, giving you live data in a split second — from fuel consumption to warning messages.

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