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2018 Kia Stinger Winter Driving

Kia Performance

The performance of your Kia is a culmination of years of design, engineering, and testing to produce a driving experience that does more than get you from point A to B.

  • All-Wheel Drive icon

    All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

    An invaluable feature for Canadian driving, All-Wheel Drive gives you fully automatic torque distribution that proactively kicks in for better traction during acceleration, cornering, and other low traction scenarios.

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  • Aerodynamics icon


    To reduce unnecessary drag, Kia vehicles have been stylishly designed to maximize efficiency and fuel economy. From lean side profiles to eye-catching and functional grille designs, your Kia has been built to cut through the air as smoothly as possible.

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  • Engineering icon


    Meticulous engineering goes into every vehicle that carries the Kia name. This commitment to quality means drivers can expect a reliable, intuitive, and ultimately enjoyable driving experience any time they get behind the wheel. From cutting-edge structural and body designs to innovative features, our vehicles are engineered to an industry-leading standard.

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  • Sport suspension icon

    Sport-tuned Suspension

    Placing a high priority on driver confidence and enjoyment, sport-tuned suspension gives you an even more dialed-in feel on the road. This means tighter, smoother cornering and a more responsive ride quality, resulting in a highly engaging, enthusiast-driven experience.

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  • Turbo icon

    Turbocharged Engines

    Kia’s modern turbocharged engines provide powerful, fuel-efficient driving experiences, giving you more horsepower and more torque without compromising the range you expect for highway and city driving.

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  • Drive Mode Select icon

    Drive Mode Select

    Optimize your drive with the push of a button. Drive Mode Select gives you a number of different modes to choose from — including Eco for better fuel efficiency, and Sport when you need more power — all in the name of suiting the conditions and your driving personality.

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  • Hybrid technology icon

    Hybrid Technology

    Kia’s Eco Dynamics range of vehicles are the perfect balance of practicality, style and efficiency. Stretch your fuel further with the right combination of power and energy-saving performance, without compromising your experience behind the wheel.

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  • Regenerative braking icon

    Regenerative Braking

    One of the smartest features in a Kia electric or hybrid vehicle, regenerative braking captures the kinetic energy generated by applying the brakes and redirects it back into recharging the battery, maximizing your vehicle’s efficiency.

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