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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a Member Rewards Card?

Any new or existing customer qualifies to be a member. That includes new Kia purchasers, pre-owned vehicle purchasers and service Customers.

When will the cards be activated?

The Dealer will ensure that each card is activated prior to leaving the Dealership. Once it is activated, the Customer will have access to an online website to track the accumulation of Reward Points.

How does the Customer earn Reward points?

Customers earn 10 points for every $1 spent in the service department for parts & labour, accessories and maintenance services. This is equivalent to 3% of the purchase amount which is banked on your Rewards Card. Kia Canada will equally match those points for all service purchases. The points matched by Kia Canada will assist the Customer with the purchase of their next New Kia vehicle.

Can points be earned or redeemed at any KIA dealership?

There are two (2) different types of points to be earned:

  • Dealer Points: are points provided to you by your servicing Kia Dealer. These points are based on the amount of purchase at the dealership or through bonus incentives.

  • Kia Canada Points: are earned through vehicle purchases, and sponsored by Kia Canada. Therefore, Dealer Points can only be redeemed at your respective servicing dealership. Kia Canada points can be redeemed at any Kia dealership towards a new vehicle purchase.

How do Customers redeem their Reward Points?

Customers can redeem their points at their servicing Kia Dealer, as indicated on the back of their membership card. To redeem $1 is equivalent to 334 points. These points can only be redeemed in blocks of $10 therefore, purchases cannot be less than $10 or exceed multiple of 10 (e.g. if the purchase amount is $23.50, only 2 x $10 worth in points can be redeemed and the balance ($3.50) will remain with customer). Any extra points will be banked for future savings!

How does one qualify for the Loyalty Bonus Reward of up to 150,000 points?

You must be an existing Kia vehicle owner to take advantage of this special offer. Customers can earn up to 150,000 points, over and above their actual points matched from Kia Canada. This offer is to be redeemed upon the purchase of any new or pre-owned vehicle. Please see chart below for breakdown on points and for model purchased.

Loyalty Benefit

Points Value

Rio, Forte, Soul



Optima, Optima Hybrid, Rondo, Niro, Sportage, Sedona



Soul EV, Sorento, Cadenza



Stinger, K900, Telluride



Why should I supply my E-mail address?

Members who supply their e-mail addresses will receive monthly account balances, unique savings through special offers and will also be the first to hear about news, contests and exclusive benefits from program partners as well as communications about program updates. Members without e-mail can participate however; they may be excluded from some special offers and events that are made available uniquely through email promotions. It is beneficial for a member to provide an e-mail address in order to take advantage of these exclusive offers. It’s just as easy to opt out in the event that a member would simply like to focus on earning points through dealership visits.

What happens to a member’s points if they move or choose to do business with another dealer?

Each activated Rewards Card activated is assigned to your servicing Kia dealership so “Dealer” points are not transferrable to another dealership however, your “Kia Canada Points” can be redeemed anywhere. To change dealer, members will have to redeem any outstanding “Dealer” points at the original dealer to ensure they receive their entitled benefit. If a member chooses to do business with another dealer, he/she would:

  • Redeem any outstanding “Dealer” points at the original dealer to ensure they receive their entitled benefit(s)

  • Become a new Rewards Member at the dealership of choice. This will include the activation of a new card.

Can points be transferred between members?

Yes, members can transfer both “Dealer” and “Kia Canada” points to members of their household. Members may also transfer their points to a subsequent owner of their vehicle.

How long are points valid for?

Kia Member Rewards Program points expire after 18 months of inactivity. If no points from any source are posted to a Kia Rewards Program member's account for 18 consecutive months, the account is subject to termination, including forfeiture of all accrued points.

Where do I call for Customer Assistance?

Members may contact Kia Canada’s Customer Experience Department 1-877-542-2886.

What should I do if I change my address, name or any other information in my member profile?

Visit www.kiapoints.ca and use your 16-digit card number to log on your account. Once you've logged on, you can check your point balance and any available rewards, modify your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, or email.