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Frequently Asked Questions

I have recently purchased a pre-owned Kia vehicle, how can I register with Kia?

You may register your Kia vehicle by clicking HERE or by clicking on the “Contact Kia” link at the bottom left corner of our website home page. You can then select “Ownership & Address Change” to register your Kia vehicle with Kia Canada Inc.

Where can I get pricing to purchase a Kia Vehicle?

Please contact your local Authorized Kia Dealer for actual retail prices, and any fees and charges that may apply. You can obtain Kia Dealer locations and contact information by clicking HERE, or by clicking on the 'Find a Dealer' button at the top portion of our website. The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) can be found under the 'VEHICLES' link on our website. Simply click on a vehicle on the list to see the starting MSRP. You may also click on any vehicle and then select the 'Price You Kia' link in the “Shopping Tools” at the top of our website to view the MSRP for a particular trim level and options.

Why did my new Kia vehicle come with a Tire Mobility Kit in lieu of a spare tire?

Kia has introduced the Tire Mobility Kit (TMK) in lieu of the traditional temporary spare tire in some of its newer models. This is a trend in the automotive industry to improve fuel efficiency by lessening vehicle weight. In addition to reducing weight, this also increases the rear cargo space area of the vehicle. Your Tire Mobility Kit is located in the trunk under the floorboard cover. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for specific directions. In the event of an untimely tire issue, Kia Roadside Assistance can also provide service if there are any issues in using your Tire Mobility Kit. Kia recognizes that some customers may prefer the compact spare tire in their vehicle. A compact spare tire kit (which will include a tire jack) is available for purchase as an accessory on some Kia models. To find information on how to purchase Kia genuine parts and accessories, please contact your local Authorized Kia for pricing and availability information.

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Why does my fuel economy differ from the publish rating?

No test can accurately predict fuel economy for all drivers and all driving conditions. Driver behavior, driving conditions, vehicle maintenance, fuel characteristics, weather, and other factors can all affect fuel economy significantly more details on how the fuel consumption ratings are calculated, factors impacting fuel consumption and tips on how to improve fuel consumption can be obtained at the Transport Canada website at: http://oee.rncan.gc.ca/transports/personnel/5250

What is the VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly abbreviated to VIN, is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. Your Kia vehicle's VIN may be located on the driver's door jamb, on the lower front windshield of the driver's side on the vehicle. Your VIN may also be located on your sales contract or vehicle's registration card.

Can I make modifications or add non-Kia accessories to my Kia vehicle?

Kia Canada does not recommend the use of aftermarket parts or accessories on our vehicles. Please refer to your Warranty and Consumer Information Manual for more detailed warranty information. Modifications which cause your vehicle to deviate from the manufacturer's original specifications may void the Kia warranty.

Does Kia offer seat belt extenders to increase the length of the seat belt?

No. Kia does not offer seat belt extenders for any of our vehicles because Kia believes they are not the best nor the safest solution for our customers.

Where can I purchase Kia genuine parts and accessories?

Kia genuine parts and accessories can only be purchased through your local Authorized Kia Dealer. You can obtain Kia Dealer locations and contact information by clicking HERE, or by clicking on the 'Find a Dealer' button at the top portion of our website. You can find a link for available accessories by clicking HERE, or by pointing your cursor at the 'Vehicles' link at the top our website and then selecting a vehicle. An 'ACCESSORIES' link is available above the vehicle photo.

How can I update my Navigation system?

Like any high-tech equipment, your Kia Navigation database needs annual updating to perform at its best. With today's constantly changing streets, businesses, attractions and road services. It's essential to have the most accurate, up-to-date road information available. With up-to-date maps at your fingertips, you'll enjoy the confidence of knowing you're not alone-as well as the security of knowing that wherever you drive, your navigation system is guiding the way with the most accurate route information. Performing this update is simple – visit www.mapnsoft.com. The costs associated with the updates are the vehicle owner’s responsibility.

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How do I purchase an additional or replacement key or keyless remote transponder for my vehicle?

Please contact the Parts and Service department at your local Authorized Kia Dealer to purchase a replacement key or keyless remote transponder. You can obtain Kia Dealer locations and contact information by clicking HERE, or by clicking on the 'Find a Dealer' button at the top of our website. Your replacement keyless remote transponder will have to be programmed by an authorized Kia dealer and a charge may apply.

I paid to have repairs completed at a non-Kia dealer facility. How can I get reimbursed for those repairs?

As it states in your vehicle's Warranty & Consumer Information Manual, all warranty repairs must be completed by an Authorized Kia Dealer. Kia does not reimburse for repairs completed outside an Authorized Kia Dealer. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Kia Consumer Affairs department by clicking HERE or by dialing 1-877-542-2886, from Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

How can I contact Kia Roadside Assistance for tows, lock outs, flat tire, or other services?

To reach Kia's Roadside Assistance, please call 1-866-444-5421 and select option #1. Please have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) available at that time.

What is the warranty on my tires?

The tire manufacturer warrants the tires on your Kia vehicle. A tire information brochure including the name and telephone number of your tire manufacturer should be located in the glove box. Please contact your specific tire manufacturer for warranty information.

How can I be removed from Kia email and mailing lists?

Your request to be removed from our mailing lists can be completed by our Kia Consumer Assistance Center. Please contact us via this website by clicking HERE or by clicking on the "CONTACT KIA" link at the bottom of our website. You will be asked to register with us, and then you will be able to log in to the Consumer Assistance Center where you can create messages to which we will promptly respond. You may also contact the Kia Consumer Affairs department by dialing 1-877-542-2886, from Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Are scheduled maintenance service covered by warranty?

Normal maintenance services are not covered under the terms of the warranty. Kia recommends that Kia owners keep copies of all maintenance records and receipts in the event of a potential future mechanical component failure. Neglecting to maintain proof of maintenance records could result in the denial of warranty coverage.

Who will determine if a repair on my Kia vehicle is covered?

Your nearest Kia dealer after inspecting your Kia vehicle can advise whether the repair is covered under the Kia vehicle warranty.

How can I determine if my vehicle qualifies for the Fuel Reimbursement Program?

A dedicated website – www.kiafuelconsumption.ca – has been created to provide affected consumers with detailed information as well as an easy process to follow for reimbursement. This site is operational, with the reimbursement section since Tuesday, Nov. 6. We encourage you to check the website and follow the instructions to determine your eligibility for reimbursement. Only the 2012 and 2013 are eligible for the reimbursement program.

How do I apply for the Fuel Consumption Program?

In order to initiate the reimbursement claim for the Fuel consumption program you need to visit your local Kia dealership. We invite you to contact the Service Department at your local Kia dealership, to schedule an appointment for them to submit your request to Kia Canada at your convenience.

How long is the Fuel Consumption Program good for?

Customers are eligible to receive additional reimbursement amounts at any time during their ownership of an affected vehicle, but we recommend that it be done once per 12 month period or every 20,000kms whichever occurs first. To initiate a claim, you need to visit your local Kia dealership. In return the personnel at the dealership will take your odometer reading and based on the distance travelled, the reimbursement will be issued to you.

What is the recommended maintenance schedule for my vehicle?

You can follow the normal maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual which states that the engine oil and oil filter must be replaced every 12 000 km or 12 months whichever comes first. However, Kia Canada recommends that the engine oil and oil filter be replaced every 6 000 km or 6 months whichever comes first on your vehicle due to severe usage driving conditions in Canada. For additional information, you can refer to your maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual (section 7).