The stylish, aerodynamic Ray plug-in hybrid concept combines design and engineering for maximum efficiency.

Touch-screen controls, drive-by-wire steering, cool-glazing solar glass and a lithium-polymer battery make this futuristic four-seat compact sedan efficiently functional and striking in appearance.

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Kia Ray concept front driver's side 3/4 angle

“It is important to imagine what people will want in the future from a green perspective early in the design process, because people want to reduce their carbon footprint without driving carbon copies,” said Peter Schreyer, chief design officer, Kia Motors Corporation. “Being green doesn’t have to be an obvious statement anymore and the Kia Ray exemplifies a viable blend of modern, eco-minded features for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.”

Kia Ray concept over head with doors open

Designed with lightweight and recycled materials, as well as hexagonal roof-top solar cells embedded in the glass roof panel that power extra lighting or climate control systems.

Kia Ray concept panoramic sunroof

The stylish, aerodynamic Ray combines design and engineering for maximum efficiency, incorporating clean, flush surfaces minimizing any unneeded edges, a flowing profile and pronounced rear shoulder ending in a slightly high deck lid for reduced drag, touch-screen controls, drive-by-wire steering, "cool-glazing" solar glass and a lithium-polymer battery.

Kia Ray concept rear driver's side 3/4 angle

Using the natural element of air as the design focus to convey feelings of pure, lightweight, breathable and refreshing, Ray's interior is comprised of eco-friendly recycled materials in cool white tones to offer the passengers a sense of purity while also reflecting the heat of the sun, keeping the temperature down and reducing the use of air conditioner energy.

Kia Ray concept intieror front cabin