The all-electric POP offers a glimpse into the future of automobile design.

POP runs on compact lithium polymer gel batteries, has a flowing front seat, a unique transparent organic LED panel, and an illuminated grille.

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Kia Pop concept front passenger's side 3/4 angle

"The POP doesn't point at the style of the next generation of cars, but looks even further into the future," said Peter Schreyer, Kia Motor's Chief Design Officer. "There are many never-before-seen design elements on POP, for example the side-window graphic is like a signature, unique with its own character."

Kia Pop concept rear passenger's side 3/4 angle

Driving the POP concept are highly efficient compact lithium polymer gel batteries created in partnership with LG Chem, which are lightweight and require little space. The batteries offer the same power performance as a lithium ion battery but with a 20-per cent reduction in battery size and reduced manufacturing complexity.

Kia Pop concept over head

With its oblong-shaped side windows and full-length glass roof, the POP concept is a smart blend of form and function and its eye-catching design distinguishes it from all electric car concepts that have come before it. Breaking from automotive tradition, a dashboard is absent from the cabin and in its place is a transparent organic LED panel.

Kia Pop concept nose

Inside, the POP is more modern sculpture than small car, with a flowing front seat influenced by sleek modern furniture and a colour scheme that is atypical, sporting a purple hue for a calm and peaceful environment.

Kia Pop concept interior cabin