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Kia drives world-class innovation in design and engineering with its line-up of exciting new concept vehicles.

Discover modern, bold car design and the latest features available in automotive technology in a range of unique models including high-class, stylish and sleek sedans, sporty hatchbacks, electric cars, hybrid plug-in's and crossover utility vehicles.

Kia GT concept rear driver's side 3/4 angle


Kia’s GT roadster is a stylish concept vehicle with an advanced powertrain and a 3.3-litre turbocharged engine producing 395 horsepower.

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Kia GT concept side profile


The Kia Track'ster three-door sport hatchback is a performance vehicle with a turbocharged 247 horsepower gasoline engine.

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Kia Track'ster concept front driver's side 3/4 angle


The Kia Kee concept vehicle drives new design possibilities as a bold sport coupe that is uncluttered, pure and a timeless execution of style.

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Kia Kee concept front passenger's side 3/4 angle


Pushing boundaries in eco-friendly technology, the Kia Ray is a four-seat compact sedan that champions efficiency as a plug-in hybrid vehicle with a lithium-polymer battery.

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Kia Ray concept front driver's side 3/4 angle